About us

We work hard to provide the best quality sleutelhouders too.

Almost every day we are searching for certified quality of wood used for the production of Keyleaner. Together with our manufacturing partners, we strive each and every day, with the high expected to be able to use it. We do this by focusing on the labels, but also on the quality of the wood. And while the production quality of the product.

Our company

Keyleaner has been developed in the 1st year of the higher School in the education and training for Entrepreneurship, and Retail Management. After one year, the production and sales of the time, date and location have been done, the project was shut down. After a year of waiting, it is Keyleaner to go back, but not anymore as a project.

In de beginfase van Keyleaner werd het al snel duidelijk dat de manier van produceren en de materialen van groot belang waren. Deze moesten volgens onze norm op een duurzame wijze gemaakt zijn en lang mee kunnen gaan. Keyleaner wordt nog vanuit huis gemaakt met de hand, uiteindelijk zal dit worden overgenomen door een productie bedrijf!


Our team is made up of the following hard-working people:

Joey de Vries

Joey de Vries

The owner


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